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Scholarship Winners

Two Virginia college students have been selected as recipients of the Virginia Press Women Foundation's annual Agnes Cooke Scholarship.

SaraRose Martin, a junior at Virginia Commonwealth University, and Noah Petersen, a freshman at the College of William and Mary, will be honored at the spring conference of Virginia Professional Communicators, with which the foundation is affiliated, at the University of Richmond on Friday, April 28.


Frequently Asked Scholarship Questions

Who is eligible to apply?

You must be a college student in good standing to apply. That means you must be currently enrolled in an accredited college or university.

What do you mean by work samples?

The kinds of samples we're looking for include stories you have written for a school newspaper or local publication (print or online), broadcast demo tapes/disks/reels, press releases or other public relations work, blogs that required original reporting and/or interviews, photojournalism, informational graphics or even communications class assignments.

Who judges the Virginia Press Women Foundation scholarship entries?

The five-member board goes over each entry and awards points based on a variety of factors. While academic accomplishment, communications experience and extracurricular activities are important, the need for financial assistance receives the most weight.

What does a scholarship judge look for in an application?

The VPW Foundation's scholarships are awarded to deserving Virginia undergraduate and graduate students who plan to pursue a career in communications. While we look at such things as GPA, awards and involvement in this field, the key factor is the need for financial assistance. Students must be attending an accredited college or university.

What are the biggest mistakes students make when applying for your scholarships?

The biggest mistakes that we've seen are not explaining financial need, not including a letter of recommendation and omitting GPA and other indicators of academic standing.

When are the scholarships awarded?

The scholarship checks are awarded during lunch at the Virginia Professional Communicator's fall conference, which is traditionally held in Richmond. Each recipient and her or his guest attend free. We cover reasonable transportation expenses and accommodations, if needed.

Does the scholarship include anything in addition to a check?

Scholarship recipients also receive a year-long student membership in VPW and the National Federation of Press Women.

I've applied in the past but didn't receive a scholarship. Can I apply again?



Past Winners

2016 — Kayla Solsbak

2015 — Katie Shepherd

2014 — Brittany Nicholson

2013 — Cameron Austin and Heather Butterworth

2012 — Kayla Robbins

2011 — Mechelle Hankerson and Candice Corrigan

2010 — Sara Mitchell, Rachel Satterwhite and Jordan Bondurant

2009 — Heather Templeton and Katie Thisdell

2008 — Valerie Lambros and Sharon Tully

2007 — Tierney McAfee and Alyssa Walden

2006 — Alexis Hatfield

2005 — Chelsea Fry and Sonia Harmon

2004 — Nicole McMullin and Stephanie Kriner

2003 — Erin Hill

2000 — Lacy Ann Hale

1999 — Colleen Long

1998 — John P. Metcalfe

1997 — Rebecca Neale

1996 — Tara Marie Tuckwiller

1995 — Nancy Wright Beasley



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